The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince)

6 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
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Side A
  • A1 Jam Of The Year
  • A2 Right Back Here In My Arms
  • A3 Somebody's Somebody
Side B
  • B1 Get Yo Groove On
  • B2 Courtin' Time
  • B3 Betcha By Golly Wow
Side C
  • C1 We Gets Up
  • C2 White Mansion
  • C3 Damned If I Do
Side D
  • D1 I Can't Make You Love Me
  • D2 Mr. Happy
  • D3 In This Bed I Scream
Side E
  • E1 Sex In The Summer
  • E2 One Kiss At A Time
  • E3 Soul Sanctuary
Side F
  • F1 Emale
  • F2 Curious Child
  • F3 Dreamin' About U
Side G
  • G1 Joint 2 Joint
  • G2 The Holy River
  • G3 Let's Have A Baby
Side H
  • H1 Saviour
  • H2 The Plan
  • H3 Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother / Wife
Side I
  • I1 Slave
  • I2 New World
  • I3 The Human Body
Side J
  • J1 Face Down
  • J2 La, La, La Means I Love U
  • J3 Style
Side K
  • K1 Sleep Around
  • K2 Da, Da, Da
  • K3 My Computer
Side L
  • L1 One Of Us
  • L2 The Love We Make
  • L3 Emancipation
Producer: *
Label: NPG Records
Genre: Funk / Soul
Drager: 6 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Release datum: 2019-09-13
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